Aurora Technologies is a recognized expert in the implementation and support of EDI software on the IBM iSeries computer. We have expertise with Inovis TrustedLink, Liaison Delta/ECS, and EXTOL EDI software solutions. Aurora offers EDI implementation, mapping, application bridge design, programming, and training services.

Implementation Services

If you are new to EDI, Aurora can assist in the implementation of your chosen EDI software. This includes setting up and testing communication lines along with the installation of the software. If you have EDI software already installed, we can assist you in installing current upgrades, including conversion to the latest GUI version of the software and utilization of the EDI-INT (AS2) solutions.

Mapping Assistance

Many of our customers use our experienced EDI consultants to provide mapping assistance for incoming and outgoing documents, both existing and new.

Application Bridge Design

The biggest challenge in EDI is to get the appropriate data to and from your application files in an accurate and timely basis. We have extensive experience in this area, and have worked with many application software packages and with custom, legacy systems.

Programming Services

Aurora stands ready to provide any additional programming required in the EDI environment. One area in which we have done significant programming work is getting the shipping data needed for ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notices) into the appropriate user files.

EDI Training Services

Aurora works closely with the EDI software vendors and has sponsored local EDI classroom education, and can also provide one-on-one or classroom training for in-house personnel.

EDI Software

Aurora is a Business Partner with Inovis and Liaison and specializes in their EDI software. Both companies offer premier data transformation software solutions for large, multinational organizations with thousands of electronically enabled trading partners to small companies just beginning an e-Commerce program. The software has XML capabilities, allowing you to grow your community by trading with non-e-Commerce enabled partners as well.

With these software packages, you can:

  • Administer all transactions from one place
  • Bring new trading partners up with ease
  • Count on top reliability and performance
  • Leverage the power of the Internet
  • Enable non-e-commerce capable partners
  • Simplify your ERP integration